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The following information is in chronological order

Presentation of the work "el viaje del fuego" at the Intercultural Festival in Buenos Aires


24.- 29.01.05
3. Cultural Festival on the Finca Longo Mai with the première of the circus work "el viaje del fuego"


Rehearsing the work "el viaje del fuego" with the middle and little circus group


Christmas celebrations with the circus kids


Baking Pizza with the little circus group in the Comedor of Vida Nueva.


With a presentation in Linda Vista / Rivas the circus supported the renovation of a small primary school.


For the annual school festival in the school of Pavónes the circus of Tierra Prometida contributed this time with a presetation by the little circus-group.



Within the context of "the day of nutrition" we offered with four young person of the group "los jóvenes del sueño" a circus-class for about 120 pupils in the department of cultural affairs in San José.



As the highlight of a school-festival at "Colgeio de Unesco" "los jóvenes del sueño" showed a small, new, self-rehearsed play and filled with their skills the whole school with enthusiasm.



Presentation of the group "los jóvenes del sueño" in the gymnasium of Rivas. The first show with entrance fee.



Circuspresentation in Tierra Prometida. Amongst other things the work "otro mundo is posible".



Presentation at the UCR - University of Costa Rica - in San José for the benefit of the "day of the child". Moreover, the participation in a panel discussion about "culture and poverty".



Highlight! Presentation in the theatre of Melico Salazar (2. most important theatre of Costa Rica) due to a youth festival.




Presentation in Terraba (Indian reservation). On the occasion of the biggest dam project of Central America!




The idea of the play "otro mundo es posible" (another world is posible) carrying out up to the premiere in the big hall of presentations in San Isidro.




Owing to the donation by Maria de la Luz Blanco Rotriguez, born in Spain and voluntario of Vida Nueva, we now also possess an unicycle.

Without such donation things would not look good here and always one reaches us at the right moment!



The"1st youth festival of arts", was as well the 2nd Cicuscamp in Costa Rica, in the village longo Mai. According to the artists from Nicaragua this time also a dancing and theatre teacher offered workshops to the Kids!


Circusday with 2 Profesionals from the national famous circusgroup "Magos del Tiempo", in the School of Tierra Prometida a suburb of San Isidro.


The Video of the Circuscamp is online! You can choose between version in different formats and languages. The concirning Plugin has to be installed on the computer.


Presentation del Proyecto y de la película, y ademas adios Gerhard!
(Primeras impresiones de Franz-Christian Grimm, responsable actual del proyecto de circo de niños)


An articel about the circusschool, is published in the Costa Rican most popular newspaper "La Nacion", with Eye catcher on the frontpage.


Circuspresentation in the central park of San Isidro at "the day of the child"



1.première of the movie "The 1.Circuscamp in Costa Rica, in the moviecenter "Cine del valle"


Presentation by the children in the Tierra Prometida School occasioned by the visits of a Peace Corps director and representatives of P.A.N.I (a social organization for children and infants). The presentation united the efforts of parents, students and volunteers.
“Circus Vida Nueva” is secured to continue for another year! The German minister of the interior has accepted that Franz Christian Grimm serve his social service with the Vida Nueva Association. Beginning on September 17, 2003, he will take over the training of the students. Grimm brings a background of circus experience from his work in preventive social projects in Sarajevo and Germany.

Final Presentation
of the Circus Camp in the park of San Isidro

6. bis 12. 06.03
The Circus Camp
One week filled with intensive training in the arts of the circus and skills such as juggling, theater, acrobatics and miming. Professors from a similar project in Granada Nicaragua, “Saperococlown” Casa de Los Tres Mundos, intertwined their fun and friendship in the project, and developed the students’ abilities for their grand presentation in San Isidro.


Februar 2003
Initiation of the project “Circus Vida Nueva”
Involving students from San Isidro de El General, the classes offer training in acrobatics, juggling, and displays of ability on a weekly basis. Gerhard Puercher, founder of the project, speaks on this…