Financial Help  




  Volunteer work  


As the children have no cultural and leisure time offers and I have to look after a greater group of children mostly on my own, I am glad about any help, I can get.
Any kind of help is welcome, but naturally I would like to invite especially jugglers and circus specialists from all over the world to visit me and cooperate here. I would be very glad if we could profit from their experience. It is worth while for everybody to cooperate here sometime. I would need especially somebody in clowning, magic and fakir arts as I have no experience with these subjects. But also people from all kind of cultural and artistic circles, for instance theatre, dance or music could help me and contribute new ideas and initiatitives. I am just about to create a musical group in the circus, and soon there will be a professional dancer coming from San Jose.

So, if somebody is interested, please get in touch with me. I will provide sleeping facilities. When you consult me (contact), you will find out how to get here.

Who wants to go on with the project?
As a civil servant from Germany or Austria, or as an at least 1 year Volunteer.
In September I have to leave Costa Rica, and I am searching for someone who goes on with the circus school, for at least 1 year.
To work here you need experiences in circus, theater, or dancing work, handle with children, initiative, responsibility and motivation (basics in Spanish would are important).

If you are interested please contact me immediately!