In Longo Mai
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1991 marked the beginning of the Longo Mai student sponsorship program. Foreign sponsors (most of them former visitors to Longo Mai) finance a child's or teenager's education. Without help, many farmers' children cannot continue their education. In Costa Rica, there is no governmental aid for student transportation and the like.

The results of our sponsorship program are thoroughly positive. Longo Mai has a higher percentage of highschool graduates than the neighboring villages, several students have finished college.

Around 70 % of the Longo Mai highschool students are girls. The reason is that for girls, a highschool or college diploma is the only way to climb the social ladder and break the traditional circle (household aid marriage children housewife).

Longo Mai wants to make school/college attendance possible for everybody who wants to study. Financially, this is not always easy. Would you be willing to support one of these children? We would keep you informed about progress, family and circumstances. Volunteers help with translations.

The sponsorships are voluntarily managed by Roland Spendlingwimmer, Edith Quijano Ruano and Patricia Espinoza. The yearly quota is 270 USD, which pays the school bus, lunch, and some school accessories.

Please use the following bank account:

Roland Spendlingwimmer
Account no. 2423788
Bank code 34110
Raiffeisenbank Neumarkt i.M.
BIC: AT 34110 RZOOAT2L 110 00002423788
IBAN: AT 843411000002423788
Purpose: Education fund

After making the transaction, please notify us by sending a short e-mail to: rolspendling(at)

Thank you very much!

Education is certainly the most important measure to help children in the South break with traditional circles of poverty and marginalization.

Costa Rica, March 2014